Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment is probably one of the most revered procedures in the world of dentistry. Fortunately modern dental practices like happy gas can help make for a painless root canal treatment. Here is an overview:


Toothache is one of the worst pains that one can experience. The best that one can do to avoid toothache in the first place is by good oral hygiene, advice which any good dentist will recommend. But if you have an abscess or the nerve of the tooth is dead the first thing the Dentist will say is – root canal!

Are there alternatives to root canal? Yes – extraction of the tooth! So if you have severe toothache and you want to keep your tooth, then root canal is the way to go.


There are nerves and blood vessels inside every tooth. Sometimes for a number of reasons they may become infected or may just die. In both of these cases pain is the result.

Root canal treatment is the removal of the nerves from the tooth and then sealing the space that remains with a sealant which must prevent germs getting from the mouth into the bone.

Root Canal TreatmentHOW IS IT DONE?

Look at the diagram. The first picture shows the tooth with the painful nerve. Picture number 2 shows how the dentist has drilled into the nerve area and removed the nerve leaving an empty canal. The third picture shows the sealant filling the empty canal.

This final step is critical if the treatment is to be successful. Poorly filled or under-filled canals allow germs to move back down the root canal and infect the area around the root tip. You dentist will show you an x-ray that he will take to confirm that the canals (there are often more than one per tooth) are properly sealed.

Root CanalPAIN

Root canal is often painful because of the condition of the tooth – not because of the procedure.

To avoid pain your dentist will perform the emergency treatment first which is quick and the unpleasantness is dulled with an injection.

On another day when the tooth has been pain free for some time, the dentist will seal the roots.